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            In Blumenau-SC, a typical german city of great natural beauty, is located CRISTALLERIE STRAUSS S.A., specializing in the art of manufacturing the crystal, technique and knowledge brought to Brazil in 1950 by german immigrant Karl Friedrich Eugen Strauss.
          It was founded on august 5, 1983 by Karl Friedrich Eugen Strauss and his son, Frederico Werner Strauss, both with expertise in the field of crystal, with the main objective to have the best and best equipped factory producing lead crystal items, with content of 24% (PbO), only compared to the best in the world.
          The key factors of great success are dedication and art employed in his work, produced by artisans with much experience and technique, blow and cut with hand, giving them a touch of class and art.
          Professionalism, good taste, integrity and hard work are the ingredients for success and achievement of competitive markets and demanding consumers, in Brazil and overseas.
          These are the pillars that support the incredible performance of CRISTALLERIE STRAUSS S.A.
            Mouth blown and hand-cut, CRISTALLERIE STRAUSS S.A. is the only factory in the Americas with know-how of producing the legitimate Overlay Crystal 24% PbO, produced in the colors light green, blue, amethyst, green, ruby, light blue, yellow, black and red.
          This product requires the superposition of two types of materials: colored crystal and the transparent crystal. First, colored pieces are produced in a half moon shape. Starting the process of manufacturing, harvest with cane glassmaker the transparent crystal that is in the crucible foundry (pot which focuses the incandescent material) which then, is coupled within the colored part preheated. This done, it is brought back to a specific furnace to be heated until it reaches the ideal temperature to be blown by the artisan. After this conformation step, the piece will undergo several operations culminating in the choice of the cutting to be applied. At the stage of cutting, the artisan works the piece using a grinding wheel that will devastate the layer of colored crystal, giving the appearance of transparent crystal as design of the cutting. Finally, it made the whole process of quality control to avoid possible imperfections.
          The Overlay Crystal, as well as all other manufactured products, are in accordance with the nature, and the factory is located in an entirely wooded region, using the foundry process that does not pollute the environment, their furnaces are electric and controlled electronically and the water, after used, is treated and returned to nature.